Gallup Church of Christ

a family seeking to share God's love

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Gallup Church of Christ is a racially, culturally, and economically diverse community brought together by a common faith and a love for God and for each other.


We meet at the corners of Ford Drive and Green Avenue for regular times of worship, Bible study, service, and togetherness.  We ALWAYS have room for one more.  Please join us any time.


Our website shows you a glimpse of who we are.  You'll find a description of our beliefs and practices, see a few photos of our precious family, find a schedule of our meeting times, be informed about some of our works and activities, and listen to our sermons and Bible lessons.


Please leave us your comments and tell us something about yourself.  We would be honored to pray for concerns that you have, and we would love to establish contact with you and study God's precious Bible with you.