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Sharing Jesus in the Heart

of the Navajo Nation

   The Kinlichee Navajo Mission is located adjacent to the Kin'Dah'Lichii Chapter House. Since 1980, our outpost has been a basis for ministry to the Navajo living in this central area of the Navajo Nation. From this mission property, we hold weekly worship services and Bible classes and other activities, including Vacation Bible Schools, sports camps, and service to families living in the area.

A Shared Mission

   The Kinlichee Navajo Mission is a shared work and the product of many individuals and congregations of the Churches of Christ. Through financial generosity, personal visits and labor, and especially the prayers of many, we are enabled to do our important work. We thank the Lord for our partners.

   The map shows locations of Churches of Christ located on the lands of the Navajo Nation (yellow stars) and Churches of Christ in areas adjacent to the Navajo Nation (green stars). For Internet links to these congregations, please visit our Links page.

Get in touch!


Our meeting house is located

north of the Kin'Dah'Lichii Chapter

23 Turquoise Drive

Kinlichee, Arizona


(505) 722-2937 voice
(505) 726-3446 text only


Sunday: 2:00 p.m. on ZOOM

Tuesday: 2:00 p.m. on ZOOM

Public services are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19


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